Man's passion for wearing colorful attire is soaring high day by day and this trend is seen in everybody irrespective of sex ,age and nationality. Latest fashion moves fast from west to east and there is always demand for updated styles and this is especially true in textile field. In a highly competitive field of textile technology, yarn dyed garments stand apart from the rest of the styles in view of its unique quality and intricacy in developing the product.

Being yarn dyers by profession , we offer the most appropriate quality in terms of matching exact to customers shade ,colourfastness and knittability to meet the International Standards. With a back up of 2 decades experience in this field ,we have widened our customer network with good number of reputed professionals both in knitted and woven garment sector. The choice of trust worthy ,trouble free machinery ensuring reproducibility for this application is the deciding factor.

Taking up these factors as challenges . M/s Shivasakthi Fashions established itself as one of the leading units in yarn dying in Sipcot, Perundurai ,since 2004. As an organization driven by values M/s Shivasakthi Fashions upholds its motto as "Right First Time" in every breath of its acivity.

Uniqueness of this unit lies in careful selection of resources like machinery, men and methods with wide process capability able to execute from the smallest to the biggest order and the unit undertakes special orders like post mercerization , post bleaching, buyers special standards like M&S, Nike etc. Automation in the process guarantees consistency in the quality of dyed yarn, less wastage, and timely delivery .The unit has established best practices of production management with high performance with focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. The goal of the organization is to provide to every customer full value for money. With this goal as the nerve centre of the organization , M/s Shivasakthi Fashions strives to provide to build confidence and increase the net work of customers. Above all the unit practices good ethical business practices. Being eco conscious , M/s Shivasakthi Fashions follows pollution control norms and is keen to give back to society what it has given to us. This unit is GOTS Certified and is on its way to be adorned with ISO 9001-2008 AND ISO 14000-2004. Raw materials used for our process like dyes and auxiliary chemicals are supplied by reputed manufacturers who are certified for GOTS, Oeko Tex-100 Class I and other environmental standards.